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PostSubject: PRICE GUIDE FROM CRISIS(OUR SOURCE!)v1   Mon Jan 04, 2010 7:38 pm

I added alot new prices, this new update has:

-Part of any item that has parts!
-Its more organized than V1,V2,V3 and the 1,2,3`s!
-It has better "Locations", Like Barrows now!

Barrows Armour

Full Dharocks - 50M
(Part of Dharocks - ~12M)
Full Veracs - 45M
(Part of Veracs - ~70M)
Full Guthans - 70M
(Part of Guthans - ~10M)
Full Ahrims - 50M
(Part of Ahrims - ~7M)
Full Torags - 60M
(Part of Torags - ~8M)


Anger Sword - DONATOR ONLY!
Red Partyhat - MAX CASH
Purple Partyhat - MAX CASH
Green Partyhat -MAX CASH
Yellow Partyhat - MAX XASH
Blue Partyhat - MAX CASH
Santa Hat - 700M
Blue Mask - 120M
Red Mask - 140M
Green Mask - 90M


Dark Bow - 50M
Bandos Chestplate - 325m
Bandos Tassets - 300m
Armadyl Godsword - 250m
Zamorak Godsword - 200m
Saradomin Godsword - 200m
Bandos Godsword - 220m
Full Void Knight - 250M(get pc points easy money selling void)
(Part of Void Knight - ~60M)
Dragon Axe - 4M
Dragon Chainbody - 30M
Dragon Platelegs - 45M
Dragon Longsword - 10M
Dragon Claws - 100m
Dragon SQ Shield - 7M
Dragon Boots - 50M
Dragon Full Helm - 100M
Dragon Med helm - 9M
Rune Defender - 5M
Fighter Torso - 40M
Barrow Gloves - 10M
Dragon Mace - 10M
Dragon Gloves - 70M
Any Full God Armour (Guthix,Zamorak,Saradomin) - 30M-40m
(Part of Any God Armour - ~50M)
Any other God Amour (Black Gold, Adamant Gold) - 50M-65m
(Part of Any other God Armour - 10M-60M)
Amulet of Fury - 3.5M
Archer Ring - 2M
Warrior Ring - 2M
Berserker Ring - 6M
Seers Ring - 1M
Robin Hat - 5M
Ranger Boots - 6M


Cooked Sharks - 250K Each
Raw Sharks - 300K Each
Cooked Lobster - 121GP Each
Raw Lobster - 50K Each
Cooked Manta Rays - 400K Each
Raw Manta Rays - 350K Each
Any Sort of Runes - 3K-5K Each
Any Sort of Potions - 50K-200K Each
Any sort of Arrows - 3-10K Each
Any sort of Logs - 10K-200K Each
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